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How we Started


Manspeed Autoparts was established in the United States in 2016, is committed to very competitive prices to provide you with the best quality wide body kits / titanium exhausts and automotive peripheral products. Our factories have more than 10 years’ production experience. By virtues of our strong production plant / products’ high-quality and perfect fitment. Our staffs are well aware of the products with many years’ experience in aftermarket automotive industry. We are also committed to provide the best customer service.

our headquartered in Chicago, Manspeed will welcome you if you would like to see our products. All this allows us to provide customers with accurate availability and competitive pricing; often, this can not be matched.

Why Manspeed?


Man speed focus on not only your vehicle overall apprence, but also its performance / handling and stability. When you shop on our website, you will notice that we offer different materials, such as fiber glass, carbon fiber, carbon, pure carbon and titanium, all of which are specialized fields. Manspeed also sells hardware  products, including titanium screws, soft rubber straps, suspension accessories, etc. We have tested a wide range of parts that will make your car more attractive and memorable. so if you are looking for that, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our website has just been set up, there is not much products currently on the shelves, please check regularly to see the latest ones. Manspeed has a crazy passion for motor sport and also wants you to enjoy out Cars’ Air Kits. Manspeed hope your shopping experience here will be a pleasant one.

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